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Frequently Asked Questions

updated 3/4/2007

1. Q - I have $1000 to invest, will your system work with this amount of money?

A - Yes, our WSS system will work with $1000. Even though we update our twenty stock portfolio every Sunday many of the issues will not change. A stock may appear in our portfolio for months at a time. As long as its fundamentals remain strong relative to other stocks our neural network with stick with it. Therefore you will not be exposed to frequent commission expenses.

2. Q - Could you please explain the difference between the STSS system and the WSS system?

A - There are many distinct differences between the two systems, below are some of the highlights:

3. Q - What do I do if STSS and WSS are in conflict with each other? For example, one system says buy a particular stock and the other says sell it?

A - This situation is bound to happen because the objectives of each system are different. Therefore, you have to ask yourself what your objectives are in relation to the particular stock. If you are looking for a short term trade take STSS advice. If you want a longer term commitment then go with the WSS recommendation. Above all, keep in mind that a sell recommendation in either system does not mean that the stock is likely to go down. A sell recommendation means that we are closing an open position, we are not opening a short position. There is a huge difference between closing an open position and opening a short position.


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